About This Author

I am one of the original pioneers in HDTV technology. I started in the mid 80's and was a protégé of Dr. Masao Sugimoto, the inventor of the first HDTV analog system in Japan. I was in contact with Nobel and Emmy award winning scientists and engineers, as well as many who have not won their prizes yet, in physics, computer engineering, network architectures and biotechnology sciences. I was the keynote speaker, moderator and organizer of many of the important applications conferences surrounding the advanced communications technologies and integrations which are popularly known as HDTV. I have been intimately involved with its transitions from analog to digital and now into optical domains, the latter in which I have done my most extensive research. I am also an inventor. I have studied biotechnology and earth sciences, too.

Prior to my HDTV career, I obtained experience in special use real estate development for entertainment and the arts, organized large scale events, wrote screenplays and other works, and was a pediatric nurse.

I am interested now in further integrations of advanced HDTV and other communications technologies into new standards and architectures as well as pursuing opportunities with my invention of a photobioreactor for biomass. This was an offshoot of my research into displays and light sources. I also have solar technology and several important IP and Trade Secret inventions. I am forming a holding company, Femtobeam, where I plan to help other inventors compete by manufacturing and selling their products after developing prototypes. The website is

My personal interests are closely related to my work and research, but when I have time, I love to walk and enjoy nature. I love birds and all animals. I have an interest in poetry and writing, art, music, education and entertainment. I love children and all people and am concerned about the state of the world. I am an activist in brain interface issues. I am a Christian and have studied many aspects of spiritualism and mythology, sociology and just about anything with "ology". I am currently framing a book about my career in HDTV, which is the true inside story of the movers and shakers behind the war for domination of the electromagnetic spectrum.